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Majii (© ® ™ 1995-2013) spelled with one (i) means water in Swahili. Swahili is the national language of Tanzania but has also become the "lingua franca" of East Africa and is spoken in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Marc-Daniel Gutekunst grew up speaking French and Swahili.

In the book Majii and the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Majii is a drop of water. The strong willed Majii tumbles down from a cloud, and spends time visiting the last mountain gorillas of the world. This is the first of many adventures Majii will be taking and reporting back to us. Majii plans on visiting unique ecosystems in Africa, Asia, Australia, and share with us the plight of endangered species such as the bonobo pygmy chimpanzees of Zaire, the pandas of China, and the lemurs of Madagascar.

The cartoon like Majii character was designed by Marc-Daniel Gutekunst. The First Majii Price stain-glass trophy was designed by George Goodyear. The trophy is on display at the Fernbank Elementary School, DeKalb County, Atlanta. On March 5, 2000, the Fernbank Elementary School was awarded the First Annual Majii Price. The Majii Price will be awarded every five years to an elementary school and/or high a school that promotes conservation of nature and wildlife.

Hello, my name is Majii . . . and I am Mala´ka's friend

Majii and the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda is dedicated to the children of the world,
To the adults of the world,
To the children and adults who will protect the environment and will nurture reverence of nature.

The Majii book is also dedicated to Malaika Hannah-Charlie and Naomie Lea-Sarah, my daughters and the first critics of this book, and Claire-Anne Gutekunst, my wife

In memory of five friends and colleagues:
Magistrate Christophe Byibeshyo with whom in 1980 we founded the Fondation Gorilla Rwanda, French Senator and Mayor of Bischwiller Paul Kauss who supported my research in Rwanda,
Professor Albert Maurice, Member of the Academie des Sciences d'Outre Mer,
who was an outstanding Mentor and taught me so much,
Captain Mbaye Diagne who in April 7, 1994 together with General Romeo Dallaire brought to me 5 Rwandan orphans, and who tragically died in May 1994 on his way to save a Rwandan family,
Jean-Louis Pessina who was the sound engineer of the film documentary:
Au Rwanda, le Dernier Sanctuaire des Gorilles

Without the contribution of the following persons, this book would not be a reality, special thanks to them:

The Editors: Julia Cusack, Robin Postel, Ronda Mullen Watts, Cheryl Williams
The Book Lead Designer: Lisa Durfee
The Principal of Fernbank Elementary School: Jane Grabowski
The Art Teacher at Fernbank: Geri Forkner
The Members of the Art Jury: Nick Clark, Lane Duncan, Joan Goodyear, Samuel Williams
The Fernbank Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Team: Becky Evans, Coordinator;
Jane Ayres, Julie Budnick, Nancy Fox Ciliax, Lisa Campbell, Andree Grogan,
Ronda Mullen Watts, Sally Sears, Steve Thackston
The Druid Hills High School Team: Betsy Razza, Media Center instructor;
Students: Timothy Allen, Clayton Morrison, Gareth Nichols
FNT International (USA) Media Director: Atilla Alpman

Murakoze cyane - Merci beaucoup - Thank you very much - Asante sana
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