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excerpt from page 18

"Three days ago, in the middle of the night, a sudden knock came at our door. We all got up, and my father opened the door. There stood a group of men with guns and machetes. They seemed very angry. Their hands were balled into fists, and their eyes were flashing anger. They ordered my family out of our home.
"We know you have been hiding people. Where are they?" the leader said to my father.
"They ran away two days ago," my father answered. The leader pointed a finger at my parents, then two men violently grabbed them.
"Do not kill my son," pleaded my mother. "Let him go. He is innocent." yelled Mom. Dad was lost and silent. The men dragged them to a nearby field. I watched them from a distance from the top of a tree I had climbed. They argued with my parents. Then I heard some snapping sounds and saw my parents fall. The men walked back to our home. I heard the leader order his men to find me. They looked for me and walked several times by the tree where I was hiding, but I kept quiet. They finally walked away. I decided to spend the day in the tree. I was afraid the men would come back. The following night I ran away as fast as I could.
" Mutoto was upset after telling his story.
"The land around our park is at war," said Mukuru to Majii.
"From Mutoto's story, it sounds like the people of the country around this park have gone crazy," said Majii.
"You are right," responded Mukuru. "Yet, I have been watching them since I was a kid. They always seemed so peaceful."
"This war seems to be destroying its people and the environment," said Majii. "How do you feel about it, Mukuru?"
Mukuru was silent, thinking.

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