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excerpt from page 9

Amini, the calm big sister, broke in to introduce herself. Next came Muraho, the father, who always said, "Hello!", and then Ota, the dreamy grandfather with their introductions. Other children played in the background -- Tano, Kosa, and Mvua. Finally one last family member spoke up, and everyone fell silent.
"I welcome you Majii by telling you my story," said Kosa. "One morning when I was two years old, I strayed away from the family and fell into an antelope trap set by poachers," said Kosa. He slowly raised his left arm and showed Majii that he had no hand. It had been severed. "The trap knocked me unconscious. My brave mother, Uhodari, took great care of me. She kept putting special grass on the open cut."
"That is terrible," sighed Majii, shaking her head. "Just terrible."
"Now when Kosa sees strangers in the forest, he sometimes gets a temper and is very cranky," said Mukuru. "But wouldn't anyone? So many of my own relatives have been either killed or trapped just like Kosa."
"Poachers have often tried to capture our children," said Uhodari in a stern, angry voice.
"Why?" asked Majii.
"Probably to make trophies or to make them into pets," said Mukuru. "Or so we were told!"
"That's so stupid," said Majii. "Have you seen poachers lately?"
"Fewer since a lady living in this forest helped protect our park and all our animal friends," replied Mukuru. "Now we feel much safer but we are always vigilant."
"Could I see this lady?" asked Majii.
"No, my friend," sighed Mukuru sadly. "She mysteriously died long ago. But others have taken on her work. Until recently our forest was well protected."

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